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Project Goals

This project aims at producing the best and most user-friendly music playing system for your living room, all controlled at the palm of your hand with your smartphone.

The power of a PC-based set-top box serves as a base for managing and organizing your digital music collection while being the jump-board to discovering more music and artists.

Such advanced features are however no excuse for utterly complex remotes as found in today's audio systems. The other goal of this project is hence to build a user friendly remote-control running on current smartphones and opening the way for all the features of the set-top box while still being user-friendly, easy and pleasurable to use.

Get Involved

This project is open for all to contribute. Since it is in an early stage of development, a lot needs to be done. Download the code and familiarize yourself with the software. You can get help from me by dropping me a mail at kleinnic |at| users |dot| sourceforge |dot| net.

Then go over to SourceForge, register yourself and join the soundrobot project. When done, go and pick yourself a task from the list and join the boat !

Project Roadmap

SoundRobot releases are made available at a monthly rate. Planning for a release starts 2 months before its release, 1 month before release the features are frozen and implemented during the remaining month. The aim is to release often a (maybe) restricted set of features, aiming for a high quality product based on high quality code.

Release Date Description Target Audience
0.0 May 20 2005 SourceForge project goes public:
  • Working prototype with J2ME remote control and server daemon
  • web-page describing project structure and goals publicly available
0.1 June 30 2005 First usable release:
  • Fix all critical bugs found in the 0.1 release
  • Finish implementing all features left open in 0.1
  • Developers documentation released
  • ebuild for gentoo

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